A number of 5" Scale Locomotive will be working together to complete a combined total of 500 laps of the Galston Valley Railway in Galston, NSW. Raising money for MS Research

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Loco Name / Number :   Slimer
Loco Type :   ELECTRIC
Loco Description :  

An American based diesel electric Galloping Goose that has been possessed by one of the worlds favourite Ghouls "Slimer" from GhostBusters. In the dark Slimers head and arms glow throughout the night while terrorising all the other trains chasing them down.

Planned Time on Track :   6:00am to the end

Available for rides :   No

About Us :  

A very mixed bunch of family and friends with a life long passion for trains of all sizes.
The idea of Slimer came about from the love of ghostbusters by a Son/ Nephew of the family members and started out as a joke but became very serious once started and attracted a lot of interest from the public and is always great to see people's reaction