A number of 5" Scale Locomotive will be working together to complete a combined total of 500 laps of the Galston Valley Railway in Galston, NSW. Raising money for MS Research

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Team 48

Team 48

Loco Name / Number :   4801 4812
Loco Type :   ELECTRIC
Loco Description :  

4801 and 4812 are part of the NSW 48 class fleet. They are series 1 locomotives from this design.

Planned Time on Track :   7:00am to the end

Available for rides :   Yes

About Us :  

Team 48 is back for another round, comprised of three pilots, loco owners Chris F, Jim H along with Shane B. Locomotives 4801 and 4812 are back in action, modelled after the New South Wales Government Railways 48 class diesel electric locos.

Locomotives 4801 and 4812 are from the 1st generation of 4 types of loco's from this class.

By sponsoring our team you can help us help the Westmead Institute or Research and look for a cure or maybe a better way to manage MS.